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Refinancing My Home Loan

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Switching lenders is easy and could get you a better deal that will save you thousands over the lifetime of your loan.

In looking for a refinance loan, our qualified mortgage advisors will look at ways to save you thousands in interest repayments, fees and charges by consolidating your personal loans, credit cards or car loans with your home loan.

Get Approved ButtonConsolidating your debts offers attractive benefits in terms of reduced interest rates and long term interest savings, the ability to make one regular repayment (rather than several) and the opportunity to get ahead and pay your debts off sooner than you had planned. Many lenders offer you the flexibility to consolidate your debts by splitting them with your loan account, so that you can manage them separately, whilst still reaping the benefits of the lower interest rate.

Benefits of Refinancing

Don’t automatically assume you move house to move your home loan. You don’t have to sell your home or buy another property to start saving. If you’re not satisfied with your current loan, let us show how refinancing can help you start saving today.

  • What are your home loan needs?

Before you get started, consider whether refinancing is right for you and what you’re looking for in a new home loan. Do you want a lower interest rate, better features or more flexibility? Are you thinking about accessing the equity in your home to renovate or buy an investment property?

  • Compare home loans

Now is the time for us to compare home loans to find one that suits your budget and lifestyle. It’s important to consider more than just the interest rate when you’re refinancing your home loan.
Considerable savings can be made by switching to a more appropriate home loan.

  • Savings to be made

Through lower interest rates and low (or no) monthly fees or additional charges on your loans can be significant. When big savings are added to your repayments, they can cut years off your loan and save you thousands.

  • Save even more by consolidating your finances!

Consolidating your credit cards, personal loans and car loans with your home loan could save you thousands in interest payments, fees and charges.

Apply for a home loan

We will assist you to apply for a home loan. In the application process, we’ll assess lending criteria such as income, your mortgage repayment history, other loans and financial commitments.
We may complete a property valuation to work out how much your current home is worth. If your application is approved, you’ll receive a letter of offer and loan contract for the new home loan.


Once you’ve signed the loan contract for your new home loan, settlement occurs and your new home loan is drawn down. This involves paying off your current home loan using the funds from your new loan. You can now focus on making mortgage repayments on your new home loan. The first repayment on your new loan is usually due within a month of settlement, depending on the conditions of your home loan contract.

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You don’t need to shop around, G-Force Finance Solutions will do all the legwork for you. We are your one stop finance solutions shop. We offer a wide range of loans from the banks and other lenders. We’ll help you compare your current loan to all the loans on our panel, helping you find the one that’s just right for you saving you lots of time, and potentially thousands of dollars.

Visit our Loan calculators today and take the next step by clicking the “Quick Quote” Button and our finance advisors will then get to work on sourcing you a tailor made Home Loan package from our trusted panel of lenders and will work tirelessly to get you the right solution.

Specialist Lending support is only ever a phone call away on 1300 755 464 or click “Contact Us” button now!
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