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Self Managed Super Fund Finance

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Self-managed super fund (SMSF) commercial loans are offered for Australians who wish to invest their superannuation in commercial property. At G-Force Finance Solutions we search and compare a range of SMSF loans to calculate if this loan is the best investment option for you.

A SMSF commercial loan can offer certain tax benefits so are attractive to some investors of borrowers. However, the rules and regulations surrounding SMSF borrowing are complex.
Potential borrowers are strongly encouraged to seek qualified financial, tax and legal advice before taking out a SMSF Commercial Loan.

Get Approved ButtonAccording to the most recent taxation office SMSF statistics, the largest asset allocation within self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) by far is listed shares at approximately 31% of the whole. This is followed by cash and term deposits at 26%. The combined value of residential and non-residential real property runs third though, at approximately 15% of the total.

Investing through a SMSF is a strategy that sparks interest in many investors.

Compare self-managed super fund loans

Your Super is a big part of your future financial stability, always invest wisely and think of the long term! If you have done your research and decided an SMSF loan is for you, compare loans below to see some of the offers on the market.

  • Eligibility

Our Lenders will lend to SMSF’s that are borrowing for the following purposes:

• Purchasing residential property for investment (non-trading corporate entity as trustee only)
• Purchasing non-specialised commercial property for investment
• Refinance of existing SMSF loans for investment property acquired after September 2007 (for residential property, non-trading corporate entity as trustee only).

  • Benefits

• Use rental income to assist in repaying the loan
• A limited recourse loan where the amount we can recover on default is limited to the secured property itself and all other assets of your SMSF are protected.
• Negative gearing benefits – offset loan interest and expenses against rental income.

  • How to apply

Contact us and speak to our credit advisors to discuss your SMSF banking needs today.

To apply for a SMSF loan, you will need to provide the following specific documentation:

1. Certified copy of the SMSF Trust Deed
2. Certified copy of Custodian Trust Deed
3. Financial information to ensure serviceability (e.g. 3 years SMSF audited financial statements, 12 months SMSF bank statements, rental estimates)
4. Full copy of contract of sale

What’s Next?

Contact Us Button NewYou don’t need to shop around, G-Force Finance Solutions will do all the legwork for you. We are your one stop finance solutions shop. We offer a wide range of loans from the banks and other lenders. We’ll help you compare your current loan to all the loans on our panel, helping you find the one that’s just right for you saving you lots of time, and potentially thousands of dollars.

Visit our Loan calculators today and take the next step by clicking the “Quick Quote” Button and our finance advisers will then get to work on sourcing you a tailor made finance package from our trusted panel of lenders and will work tirelessly to get you the right solution.

Specialist Lending support is only ever a phone call away on 1300 755 464 or click “Contact Us” button now!
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