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Development Finance

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G-Force Finance can facilitate Property Development Finance for small-to-medium residential projects, through to multi-million dollar retail, commercial, industrial and office developments. Regardless of size, we’ll undertake detailed research to find the best loan solution for your requirements.

With access to a wide range of Commercial & Development Lenders, we can source both traditional finance as well as private construction finance.

Most clients preferred finance and funding option for their development project, is Gross Realisation Value Funding otherwise known as “GRV Funding” This type of loan facility is designed and also ideal for clients who wish to reduce or eliminate personal investment into their development project.

Get Approved ButtonIn most cases, banks and finance companies want to see from clients a well-planned application, with strong supporting documentation to show how they plan to service/repay the loan and be sustainable for at least the period of the proposed agreement. This is where we help!


We can Arrange Commercial Development Finance

We understand the long-term goal in construction development is to realise maximum value at project’s end. Each construction and development project is unique and a borrower may require a special loan that provides flexibility on progressive drawdowns, repayments and redraws.

The construction loan we find for you will give you maximum financial benefit
provide maximum flexibility:

  • Gross Realisation Funding (GRV Funding)

Gross realisation value (GRV) based first mortgage facilities look at the projected end value of the project and will extend funding to a percentage of that. In general the maximum GRV is 65%, or 70% in some cases. This type of finance is funded against end value of project designed to reduce the client’s personal investment into the project.

  • Mezzanine/Equity Funding

Mezzanine funding is the middle layer of capital that falls between secured senior debt and equity. This type of capital is usually not secured by assets, and is lent strictly based on a company’s ability to repay the debt from free cash flow. Is appropriate for borrowers who choose to seek finance to bridge the gap between original funding and total cost avoid profit share arrangements, be provided with up front finance costs and maintain project development control.

  • Landbank Funding

Borrowers requiring a holding mechanism during project start-up to cover off planning approvals, builder/tender selection etc. Finance Advocates has access to lenders that are prepared to lend up to 66.66% of land value (independent of purchase price) and in some instances up to 75% of the value.

  • Low Doc Construction Loan

Low Doc Construction Loan or Low Doc Development Loans have only been introduced in recent years allowing applicants with little financial evidence to obtain construction finance for their property development projects. The nature of these projects can vary and include a small duplex development to multi townhouse development, right through to a multi storey commercial building


Every lender also has its own ideas about what constitutes a feasible project. The level of equity required, the profit margins expected and the risks they are willing to take will vary widely. Some lenders draw a distinction between ‘residential’ projects and ‘commercial residential’ projects.

What’s Next?

Contact Us Button NewYou don’t need to shop around, G-Force Finance Solutions will do all the legwork for you. We are your one stop finance solutions shop. We offer a wide range of loans from the banks and other lenders. We’ll help you compare your current loan to all the loans on our panel, helping you find the one that’s just right for you saving you lots of time, and potentially thousands of dollars.

Visit our Loan calculators today and take the next step by clicking the “Quick Quote” Button and our finance advisers will then get to work on sourcing you a tailor made finance package from our trusted panel of lenders and will work tirelessly to get you the right solution.

Specialist Lending support is only ever a phone call away on 1300 755 464 or click “Contact Us” button now!
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Development Finance

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