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Bad Credit Commercial Loans

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Having Trouble Getting A Commercial Loan At The Bank?

Then you need a Bad Credit Commercial Loans and Mortgage specialist to secure you a Commercial Loan at the lowest rates available.

We understand that sometimes life can affect your plans for repaying loans on time, as such we offer Loans for people with impaired credit to give you the financial opportunity you need. Whatever you needs; from requiring loan approval through to looking to refinance the skilled team at G-Force Finance Solutions is here to help you.

If you feel you may not fit or don’t have the perfect credit history or a great credit score, then there is a chance that banks might say no

Get Approved ButtonFirst job is speak to a qualified finance  broker and chat about your options. Going from bank to bank can hurt your chances. Every enquiry may affect your credit score. G-Force lending team has the expertise and we will have a chat with you over the phone or face to face to fully understand your needs.

We have a wide range of lenders including some of the big 4 banks as well as lenders who assist when the banks say NO. Lending criteria does apply.

Taking the time to understand

We will look at different lenders and products and explain what may suit you… Just because one lender has said NO does not mean everyone will. A qualified finance broker should be experienced enough to find out everything about you first and then offer you a lender that will should suit your needs.

  • Poor credit score

A poor credit score is one of the most difficult things to understand. Credit reporting agencies like VEDA will give each of us a credit score. However on top of that many lenders will also credit score you based on the application. A credit score is very mysterious as the criteria and scoring system is unknown to the public. We will go through these factors and understand how best to work with you.

  • Judgments and Court Writs

When you apply for a loan, banks will be looking carefully at your credit history. Having a court writ or judgment on your credit file is a red flag that may have an adverse effect in getting your loan approved. Like defaults, lenders will generally like to understand the circumstances around these, the reason why these occurred and any arrangements that may be in place.

  • Part IX debt agreement

Part IX debt agreement is provided for under the Bankruptcy Act 1966. Instead of declaring yourself as bankrupt, you make a binding legal agreement with creditors to satisfy your debts in a stipulated manner. Yes, you can qualify for a home loan once you have finished your Part IX agreement. Gaining an understanding of this with supporting information is paramount.

  • Discharged Bankrupt

When you’re discharged from bankruptcy, you’re no longer bankrupt and no longer required to have limited assets and no overseas travel. However, the bankrupt estate continues and the now ex-bankrupt still has an obligation to cooperate with the trustee. Are you a recent discharged bankrupt? We have several lenders who will work with you towards obtaining finance upon understanding the circumstances.

  • What are your Commercial Loan Options

Each person has unique requirements when applying for a commercial loan. With hundreds of different mortgage products available, we will tailor a loan package that is right for you. We can also discuss strategies that can help you reduce your debt faster and help you implement them

Bank Says ‘No’-That’s Ok!

If you have suffered from credit impairments in the past, then don’t let go of your commercial property-owning aspirations – one of our specialised commercial loans could be perfect for you.

Banks and lenders change their criteria all the time. It is hard for anyone to keep up. G-Force Finance Solutions has access to a wide range of lenders including some of the big banks as well as lenders who assist when the banks say NO

Some lenders will have higher valuations than others. The security is one of the most important factors to a lender. If they are not comfortable with the security they will not lend you the money you are wanting. This way and potential concerns may be able to be addressed before a lender is chosen.

What’s Next?

Contact Us Button NewOur advisers will discuss your personal circumstances with you, such as your income, outgoings, future plans and savings, together with the end to end process and steps involved, – we seek to understand your short, medium and long term goals.

Visit our Loan calculators today and take the next step by clicking the “Quick Quote” Button and our finance advisers will then get to work on sourcing you a tailor-made package from our trusted panel of lenders and will work tirelessly to get you the right solution.

Specialist Lending support is only ever a phone call away on 1300 755 464 or click “Contact Us” button now!
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Bad Credit Commercial Finance

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